Full-Stack Home Rental Website



The Project is deployed here: https://rent-your-home.vercel.app/ 🏠

Source Code: https://github.com/jeetch/rent-your-home 💻

Background: 🌟

I had created a simple full-stack website using a Python backend and a simple frontend without user authentication. That was for a project we were building at work, and it felt amazing to build that out. 😎 I think I started with some Sonny Sangha tutorials and built that out. Fireship helped me get context on why we were using all the tech in the tech stack Sonny used, which was the "latest and the hottest stuff in the market, guys" 😂. Seriously, he has the most awesome streams, which make coding look so cool for anyone beginning! 🚀

I learned the basics of React and how to use components, styling using Tailwind, what APIs are, and how to interact with them. I was proficient in figuring everything out in Python (this was before ChatGPT, sadly) so I built the API quickly on FastAPI and deployed it on Railway. All this was awesome; it felt like a superpower connecting the API and frontend and exchanging data between both. 🔥 It also opened up the whole world of trying to understand how these huge websites even work! 🌐

But soon, this excitement turns into an overwhelming amount of things that you must learn, which are even more state-of-the-art. There are incredible 3D websites, beautiful libraries, blazing-fast backends, and so many stacks. It's tough to navigate to the next step. So, I decided I wanted to build a full-stack website using Next.js 13 (just launched, I had already used Next, and it's pretty awesome; I wanted to use the app directory for easy routing), Tailwind (obviously), MongoDB for the backend (Fireship said it's awesome), and user authentication as well. So, after intense YouTube-searching, I found two awesome YouTubers: https://www.youtube.com/@codewithantonio and https://www.youtube.com/@joshtriedcoding 🎬

I found exactly what I was looking for with Antonio, who also runs an awesome Discord server to discuss his builds, which made me more confident to go through a 6-hour video! I didn't build out an Airbnb clone ,but give my twist to it because eventually i wanted to just learn the logic and create something on my own idea. Anyways Here is the stack Anonio used : (which did not contain use of any API or library which has a free tier but need to signup with the link in the description, the description only has relevant links in their videos, we are lucky to have their videos for free tbh)

Stack Used:


Next13 (app directory and API), Tailwind for styling, MongoDB for database, Prisma (just awesome ORM with Next), deployed on Vercel (hail Vercel ecosystem)

🧑‍💻 Built by Jeet. Source Code on GitHub