Generating 'The iconic mouse' on Dall-E 🐭


The initial idea was to train an SDXL model to generate free images of steamboat willie, the version of Mickey mouse which recently came to public domain. But well the results after training of public images were ghastly. Then I found this :

Challenge Accepted OpenAI!

So the idea with this project was to generate free images of Mickey Mouse!

My idea : Tell ChatGPT to give instructions to a graphic designer to draw the exact face of mickey mouse and then give the same instructions to Dall-E

So I started with these instructions from! What an awesome simple website, all credits to!

Can you summarize this guide to make an iconic cartoon mouse face for a graphic designer so that he can create this face. Your instruction should be in one paragraph and the output when given to an image generator should output the mouse

After a lot of back and forth and also mentioning to GPT that it is an "original" character, here is the prompt and the result!

Make this original character from the description and make it exact to the description : To capture the iconic cartoon mouse, start with a large, precise, bold black circle for the head. Directly atop, touching the head's boundary, situate two equally sized bold black circles for the ears to form a well-known silhouette. Within the facial area, place two oval eyes high on the face, each with a white sclera and a black pupil, ensuring they are level and radiate an affable persona. Below the eyes, center a small, rounded nose that points down, with a bold black outline. The nose's base should nestle the top of a broad, charming smile that spans the breadth of the face, its contours outlined clearly in black. This smile should curl upward, expressing jubilance, without any whiskers to maintain the character’s traditional look. Complete the facial features with a tongue gently curving within the mouth. It’s critical that the ears remain wholly black, with no internal detailing, to preserve the signature style. Make certain the head retains a full circular shape, without distortion, and the smile is free of teeth. This detailed account should enable the creation of the legendary cartoon mouse with its timeless appeal.

Result from GPT - 4 :

But sometimes I noticed this Dall E adding random features such as whiskers and teeth to the image and when I try to edit those features out, it says those features never existed which is super-wierd.

Feel free to try the prompt out and let me know what results you get!

Or you can just try these prompts for a generic version of Mickey and you can even make him a killer mouse :P :

Generate an image of a classic black and white cartoon mouse mascot with red pants with big white buttons walking in big yellow shoes holding a large knife covered in a dripping red substance.

Enjoy the aritistic freedom!

Also a free prompt to generate Mario :

Generate a stereotypical Italian plumber with blue eyes, white gloves, brown shoes, a red "M" in a white circle on the front of his hat and gold buttons on his overalls.

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