Building My First Next.js 13 Blog



Framer motion :

animated background :

8 bit image:

I have decided to document my coding journey and see where this takes me. As a start I am going to document everything I do which starts with this blog.

Blog Idea So the idea is to document my journey and learn Next13 routing and basic TailwindCSS on the way. I am following this YouTube video to get started :

  • FIgure out how to add date of post in this markdown file

TabPy I have been working a lot with Tabpy over the last week and learnt its good and bad parts simultaneously which I will also document.

Some parts of this blogs might be edited with ChatGPT but all will be my original thoughts and ideas. I believe chatGPT is a huge boon and the best tool any self-taught programmer like me could ask for.

Post Ideas: feature list for tableau

Tableau ideas:

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